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New EU Regulations for glove testing and specification

Our manufacturers are proud to be recognised as providers of consistent quality products, only offering the highest standards in conformity and service levels. Changes from the current PPE Directive to the new Regulations will continue to keep the UK as one of the world leaders in health and safety in PPE.

Working as One
In short the PPE Directive was adopted by the European Parliament and Council of the European Union in 1989 to cater for a single European market. This PPE Directive proved on the whole very successful and led to harmonised standards for all Member States to remove obstacles to trade in PPE between Member States.

Why Change
As the PPE Directive is over 20 years old and in the main has never changed, it needed to reflect the changes in technology. So will be replaced with the new PPE Regulation which will affect many products sold in the EU. The new Regulation puts more responsibility on to the Importer and Distributor to be considered a manufacturer for the purposes of this regulation. It will be subject to the obligations of the manufacturer, ensuring the right markings and full conformity are in place before selling any PPE product.

Expiration Period
Existing certificates will remain valid until 21 April 2023 for goods that have been placed on the market prior to 21st April 2019 under the 89/686/EEC Directive, unless the 89/686/EEC certificate bears an expiry date before that date; or has been withdrawn by the issuing notified body.

Supplier Obligations
As an importer of working gloves from another country; our suppliers continue to ensure all products introduced to the market are compliant with the current PPE EU Standards and in particular, that appropriate conformity assessment procedures have been carried out by our manufacturers. Provisions are made to make sure that the conformity assessment procedures have been carried out and that the CE marking and technical documentation drawn up by our manufacturers are available for inspection by the competent national authorities. We also ensure storage and transport does not degrade any product introduced to the market through regular QC checks.

Distributor Obligations
Distributors should always ensure products purchased; have a CE mark either on the product or packaging and the manufacturer’s user instructions are present. Distributors have to ensure that storage and transport of PPE product procedures are appropriate and will not jeopardise its conformity or degrade the product in any form.

Armadillo Supplies a commitment to the continued development of excellence ensuring our customers receive consistent quality of both products and service levels.

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